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WELCOME TO Box4Life® - Reusable Box Solutions.

Economic and environmental pressures are at last causing companies to consider switching from single-trip to multi-trip containers wherever possible. Companies such as Toyota have shown that by doing this, significant cost savings can be made. Although reusable boxes have a higher initial price, they end up costing so much less per trip over their lifetime that payback is achieved after around 5 trips. As most last more than 50 trips, the potential for savings is enormous.

A great opportunity therefore exists if you decide to switch to:

  • Reduce your total packaging costs
  • Avoid creating unnecessary waste
  • Minimise your environmental impact

The most eco-friendly material to make multi-trip containers from is corrugated polypropylene. It is light, strong, easy to cut and crease, and with careful use will last a long time. It is also easy to recycle at the end of its working life unlike similar products made from solid plastic. It is widely accepted as having the least environmental risk of all the plastic resins. However, to become accepted, multi-trip container designs must be form, fit and function compatible with the task and be easy to reuse.

So we started afresh with a clean sheet to create a range of purpose designed multi-trip containers that would fully exploit the unique physical properties of this durable material. This "no-compromise" improvement process we nicknamed "corrigami" by applying "origami" to correx® and corriboard® material.

The result, the Box4Life® range of multi trip containers helping you to reduce your carbon footprint by saving both energy and resources. Since they are all easy to screen print, they also present purchasers with considerable advertising possibilities. We believe all Box4Life ® products will very quickly repay your investment.

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