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Whatever your need for reusable boxes, there is a "Box4Life" ® Durabox ® product that will meet your requirements.

All have unique features for improved performance and are designed to be reused, making them more eco-friendly and more economical per trip than single use cardboard boxes.

Made from corrugated polypropylene, the plastic with the least environmental risk, they are smart, light and strong and will last a very long time before they need to be replaced or recycled.


The Durabox ® multi-trip is the ideal solution for the majority of returnable packaging applications.

It is a vertical flute design for high load bearing strength with a conventional crash lock base making it quick to knock down.

Made to measure to match your particular needs these multi-trip boxes are being used more and more by businesses to reduce packaging waste and save money.


The Durabox ® shopper was created to replace the plastic bag during the weekly trip to the Supermarket.

It flattens to 1cm thick and is quicker to open than a fiddly bag.

Sized to take 2-3 carrier-bags worth of groceries it is reusable many times and will stop your shopping from spilling out on the car journey home. Also good for visits to "takeaways" or "garden-centres".

Two sizes:

43cm x 30cm x 21cm(H) = (27 litres)
40cm x 30cm x 30cm(H) = (36 litres).

A "Box4Life" Product : (UK Patent No. GB2344339 & European Design Registration CDR 12489).


The Durabox ® standard was designed primarily for ease of use rather than high stacking strength.

Registered design features such as the "T-Lock Base" and overlapping lid make sure the contents are secure while in transit.

Easy opening and closing results from designing a box with horizontal rather than vertical flutes so that the lid flaps naturally hinge out of the way when loading or unloading even when using heavier grade material.

We believe the durabox standard is probably the best general purpose box there is today.

A "Box4Life" U.K. Registered Design.

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