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The durastore is, quite simply, the best plastic storage box there is.

In this design we took the widely available cardboard archive box and brought it bang up to date. The durastore has so many useful features that customers have found it an ideal box for a wide variety of different applications.

These range from Document & File Storage/Archiving to Home and Office Removals. Currently available in two sizes, the durastore ® file and the slightly larger durastore archive.

Both have detachable hinged lids with locking clasp and both fold down into their own lid for storing away when not in use. A"Box4Life" U.K & E.C. Registered Design..



The durastore archive is an inexpensive, hard wearing, long lasting, archive storage system that allows for frequent access to your records in a damp storeroom without falling apart.

It is a "no compromise" design made from corrugated polypropylene with a lockable hinged lid that keeps the contents protected and dry even if a sprinkler system accidentally goes off.

For all your "special" archiving needs and complete peace of mind, the durastore ® archive is the perfect solution.

Size: 50cm x 40cm x 30cm(H).

A "Box4Life" U.K. and E.C. Design Registered product.


The durastore file is a mobile extension to the Office Filing Cabinet. Complete with suspension file inserts it takes almost a drawer's worth of foolscap files.

Its strength and portability make it an ideal Mobile Office filing system for your car or at home. Keeping your files organised and tidy has never been so easy.

Invaluable for Solicitors, Accountants, Architects, Bankers, Sales Executives, Students, etc., the list is endless. The design is rainproof so will keep things dry between car and office.

With the attached hinged lid and locking clasp it can safely be carried one handed while you open the door with the other! In short, a very useful product that once sampled will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

A "Box4Life" U.K and E.C. Registered Design.

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