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The "Box4Life" durabin ® was originally developed for a Waste Recycling Company who wanted a bright and attractive collection bin to get their Reduce - Reuse - Recycle message across.

The durabin ® was designed as a cost effective alternative to cheaper cardboard bins and the more expensive solid plastic bins, popular with Local Councils. Positioned between these two, the durabin has proved to be the perfect product.

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Whatever your need for reusable boxes, there is a "Box4Life" durabox ® product that will meet your requirements. All have unique features for improved performance and are designed to be reused, making them more eco-friendly and more economical per trip than single use cardboard boxes. Made from corrugated polypropylene, the plastic with the least environmental risk, they are smart, light and strong and will last a very long time before they need to be replaced or recycled.

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The duracase ® is a neat one piece "flight-case" design with a integral lid and security clasp to keep the lid closed.

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The duracrate ® is a scaled up version of the durastore ® product. Designed to withstand the rigors of office and house moving it is a viable alternative to the more expensive molded plastic crates used by removal companies.

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The durafile ® is the best Transfer Case available today. Designed for busy people in a hurry, it accepts foolscap suspension files, box files etc.,

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The durapack ® is what we call our range of smaller postal boxes. Using low tack tape and address label holders helps the durapack ® stay smart and last a long time.

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The durastore ® is, quite simply, the best plastic storage box there is. In this design we took the widely available cardboard archive box and brought it bang up to date.

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